Let’s Work Together

Hi there. I appreciate your curiosity about how your life can change.

I am here to help.

With a true listening ear, an open mind, and some humor, you will have my unconditional support.

As a Licensed Therapist and certified yoga teacher, I offer Online Integrative Counseling/Coaching. I provide counseling, coaching, counseling with elements of mindfulness and energy work, as well as sessions of Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). 1 hour of Yoga Nidra = 3 hours of sleep!

Find our more about how this integrative approach can offer you a COMPLETE experience of transformation. Phone, video sessions and messaging support are all available at your convenience. I offer a free hour consultation 🙂

Reach out to learn more; please fill out the form below. Don’t worry, it’s 100% free.

Why Should I Work With You?

If you’ve reached this point on my website, there’s a reason.

You will feel safe. You will feel heard. You will not be judged. You will be seen in a way that you never knew anyone could see you. You will feel like you are important, a part of something, and you will become an extremely important part of my journey as well. You will find RELIEF.

In addition to proper certified training in evidence based methods for improving health and wellness, I am also a human — one who has suffered too. I am not scared nor ashamed to speak about my own traumas, sexual abuse, lifelong struggle with crippling anxiety and health issues. I tend to curse if the occasion is appropriate, I am structured yet flexible, and sometimes spontaneous in our work if the energy feels right. I am respectful, extremely loyal, serious yet sarcastic and simply ready to share HEALING with you.

What Does This Cost?

This depends on the individual!

After determining each individual’s needs, frequency, and extent of services desired, we can determine a fair fee.