What Do You Avoid?


For every action, there is a consequence, you’ve heard that before. When you start to see consequences you don’t like, it’s time to look not at your action, or intention even, but at the real purpose.

Why do you make the choices you do? What is your process for making decisions? Where do your choices and actions really come from? Most importantly, what is at your center? What is behind it all?

Most of us avoid answering these questions, after all, they are complex, and we don’t always like the answers. If we continue to avoid, though, we will not find the real answer; you will not find your real, inner self.

One of the things yoga teaches is to succumb to our avoidances. If something hurts, if we are unsure of our capabilities or what we will look like, or how we will feel, we avoid doing things. Some pain, some embarrassment, some unknown, is okay, though.

You cannot really know how something feels until you do it.

Next week, tomorrow, next time, not today, are not phrases that assist you in this process; rather, are your enemy. They are avoidance themselves.

The ‘next time’ you find yourself avoiding something, find out why. Ask what it really is you’re avoiding and why. Or, without asking, simply pursue whatever it is you are hesitant about.

Our answers don’t come in planning, talking about, wanting, wishing or hoping for, OUR ANSWERS COME IN DOING. Don’t avoid yourself.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 🙂

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