[Video] Trouble Meditating?

So you’ve heard a thousand times over again that meditating is good for you. That it helps to reduce stress, gain more focus and that it can change your life.

Why is it then, that so many of us may experience resistance to it? Why is it SO HARD sometimes?! It could be because you’re making it harder than it has to be.

If you’ve ever tried sitting still for 5 minutes, you know it’s no easy feat  — well at least not for most of you. Your mind wanders,  you fidget, you’re uncomfortable, or maybe you’re just trying too hard!

Make it a goal to take just 60 seconds to sit, lie, or make yourself comfortable in one place. And then see what happens from there. Need to get up? Okay, try again later or the next day. You might just find you can make it longer than you thought.

Using a guided meditation or relaxation can be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL as you start to build your practice.

Here’s one to help: Enjoy 🙂

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