The Silver Lining


We often make the mistake of searching for happiness. We look high and low, to friends, family, significant others, to other cities, states or countries, new jobs, old acquaintances.

We spend so much time thinking about how we can become happy. Our thoughts and statements turn into “If I Could Just…” statements. If I could just quit that job, get a new boss, break up with my boyfriend, start eating healthy or exercising…

If you could just stop thinking about what you aren’t and think about what you are, maybe there is happiness to be found. Being truly present in each day you will find that several opportunities for thankfulness arise, even if just for a brief moment.

Strive for a sense of contentment with self  as is, as you look in the mirror, and as you retire for sleep each night. You are exactly as you should be. If it is difficult to find contentment as is, consider what you are not; sometimes that puts it into perspective.

Practice finding the silver lining to each cloud; clouds will always come and go, but don’t lose your chance at its lining.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 🙂

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