Slow And Steady Wins The Race


Went for a a run this morning to a pond near my house. To my pleasant surprise, I saw a turtle swimming in the pond. It’s not common to see them, so I watched him (I guess he’s a male) for a while, he kept trying to climb out of the pond but was having some difficulty.

Each time he surfaced, he poked his head out and looked around to make sure it was safe; then began to climb on the grassy plants growing from the pond. He couldn’t catch a grip and kept slipping back into the water. He tried several times from a few different angles but couldn’t seem to make it out.

I appreciated the turtle’s persistence. At first, I thought it must be frustrating to keep trying and keep failing, but then I thought that the turtle might not see it that way. For all I know, this is just a part of his daily routine, and at best, the worst part of his day. The turtle probably didn’t feel frustrated at all.

Instead of feeling bad for the turtle, I watched in amazement. The odds were really against him โ€” he has no fingers, the slippery surface of his skin doesn’t support any grip, and then, he has this awkward flat, hard shell he must maneuver.

Despite many failures, he continued to find a new route, or new angle to climb out. I didn’t end up seeing him climb out, but I’m sure his persistence finally prevailed. Try and try, and try again.


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