Liar, Liar


Lying is a form of violence. It can be just as harmful as the other physical, external forms of violence. Words are just as harmful as actions; in fact, they drive your actions.

Whether spoken or thought, words that do not embody truthfulness only perpetuate a sense of violence, toward ourselves and others.

Likely, most of us practice non-violence in our daily lives, but it is the external form of non-violence we practice. We so easily forget that harmful words, looks, even thoughts toward ourselves or others constitute violence.

Maybe we think we can get away with it more easily because no one is witness to these forms of violence. I would argue that this practice of non-violence is a more harmful one.

A silent form of non-violence, especially when practiced by way of negative, self-defeating thoughts, is detrimental to our well being. These thoughts do not often reflect the truth, but instead come from a place of anger, frustration, fear, or ignorance. When we think and perpetuate harmful thoughts, we are only lying to ourselves; we are avoiding the truth.

We find a way to avoid what we cannot accept. If we cannot accept the truth, we cannot be whole. When you lie, even to yourself, you are cultivating a false sense of self, a false reality.

Accepting and making peace with the truth is the only way to love yourself wholeheartedly. You must know and live your truth, so others can love you wholeheartedly too.


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