Balance In Work And Life


Balance is an equal distribution of weight; a blend of energy and calm; not too much, not too little; yin and yang; equanimity.

We hear it’s important to maintain balance in life, especially when it comes to our work/life ratio. A slash is used here, because  these are not uniquely separate entities, but are one. If you don’t enjoy one, you’ll never enjoy the other.

Find a job that feeds your soul. Allow work to become a part of your life rather than it becoming your life. You don’t HAVE to do anything – really, you don’t. Question yourself, make conscious choices that lead you to a happier place.

Contemplate your balance, where does it need extra or less attention? If you can’t find a job that feeds your soul, than keep strong convictions in setting and maintaining clear boundaries between your job and the rest of your life.

Your job does not define you; it defines the choices you make.


Oh, and here’s some free yoga 😉

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